Srestha Basu

Srestha studied at The Assembly of God Church school. She passed the ICSE and ISC examinations scoring 93.4 and 90.5 % respectively. Then she opted for bachelor of science, with chemistry as major, in Scottish Church College, affiliated to Calcutta university. She had scored 78.34% (627 out of 800) in her bachelor’s examination. Thereafter, she moved to Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, from where she completed her MSc, scoring 92.2 % and PhD – scoring 95% marks. Following completion of her Ph.D. under the able guidance of Prof. Anumita Paul, she had moved to France to pursue her post doctoral studies at University of Cluade Bernard Lyon1, Centre national de la recherche scientifique, CNRS. She has worked with Dr. Rodolphe Antoine at CNRS. Till date, she has 21 publications, 14 as first author. She also has several patents to her credit. Her research work has been highlighted in several India newspapers and news channels. Srestha’s research interest includes assemblage of nanoscale particles into hierarchical organization using principles of reaction chemistry and using them for translational research.